Michelangelo Di Mauro

My name is Michelangelo Di Mauro and I am the creator of this website. I am a doctor and I live and work in Pescara, in the Abruzzo region. Even though I was born in the Trentino Region, my roots are in the heart of the Gargano, at Carpino in the province of Foggia.
Here I have spent my holidays since I was a child and even today I still go there with my family.
For this reason, I think about the Gargano and “the otherGargano” in a very special way.
This has led me to create a website so that I can share my passion with anyone who would like to.
The passion for art, for the stones, and the knowledge of the world of mushrooms has led me
to create an original artistic form: the stone mushrooms, thought of by me and made real by the extraordinary stone shapes that nature has given us. These shapes I have searched for meticulously during my nature walks.
These stone shapes can be seen and admired in the permanent exhibition rooms at Carpino (FG),
decorated with “I Rucioli”, “The big masks”, “The Venere of the Gargano” and other stone wonders, enhanced by Silvana Giancristofaro .


Visitor’s ticket

Silvana Giancristoforo created the graphic design. The logo: made up of 13 orange spheres of increasing size that represent “I rucioli”, the typical stones of the Gargano. Arranged in the form of the letter ‘P’, they symbolize the first letter of the word “pietre”. The sunset is also shown that overlays the other three bands of colour. The Colours: the 4 bands of colour symbolize the sunset panorama that can be seen at Carpino (FG): the orange is the fiery sky, the blue night is the silhouette of Monte D’Elio; the pale blue is  Lake Varano; the green is the olive plain of Carpino (FG).”the stones of the Gargano” : the Gargano is an area full of stones of different shapes and colours; Artistic shapes : just with a glance we can see the art that these stones contain. I have this eye! This ticket is an invitation to visit my website and the exhibition room in Carpino (FG) and the Gargano. Contact me!

Sincere thanks

Sincere thanks to all those friends who helped create this site: Carlo Giancristofaro for the web section,  Federico Deidda and Silvia Giampietro for the photo section(http://www.imagoproject.it), Vladimir  Marrama for the design and creation of the exhibition room, Luciano Gubiotti for the lights section, Michele Basanisi for his moral support and physique (because the stones have a defect – they’re heavy!), to my family and all my friends who supported me.

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