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What are cookies?
A cookie is a simple text file that is memorized by a computer or device of a user from a website server and it can be read or regenerated from the server itself. It contains some information and it lets the website remember it, for example, the user’s preferences or the goods in his basket. The law on electronic communication and the provision to guarantee privacy, of the 8th of May 2014,no.229, on the subject of “the individuation of simplified ways for information is the acquisition of the agreement for the use of cookies” establishes that the use of cookies can only be possible with the user’s consent.
Why do we use cookies?
Cookies can be used for various reasons. In some parts of our website, cookies are essential and without them, for example, it would not be possible to navigate around the site properly. We are always looking for ways to improve our website to make the knowledge of our products easier to access. To do that it is important to understand how to use our site. Cookies help us by giving us a better, richer experience – for something you find interesting you can click ‘Like’ on facebook or on Twitter (cookies make these operations easy). Also, one may want to know where to buy our products and we can memorise the information temporarily and see the offers of the sellers.

Types of cookies used:
We have categorized the types of cookies used into
1.Technical Cookies (a) of navigation or of session;(b)of functioning;(c)of analysis.
2.Cookies of a Third Party – technical cookies.

(a)Cookies of navigation or of session.
These are used to assist the transmission of a communication on a web of electronic communication, and it is strictly necessary to agree to the functions requested that guarantee the normal navigation and working of our website (allowing for, for example, the purchase of something or to verify someone in order to allow access to a reserved area). Such cookies can be more distinctive in the sense of their persistence on the user’s monitor. Those which cancel automatically at the end of each navigation, we call ‘session cookies’ and if they have a longer life, we call them ‘permanent cookies’.
We use cookies of navigation or of session for-:
Managing the settings and preferences of the user;Improving the security of the navigation; for preventing fraudulent actions.
To install such cookies, it is not necessary to request the user’s consent beforehand.
Here is a list of such cookies:
ASP.NET_SessioneIDSessione. This cookie allows the recognition of the session of navigation by the user.
Cookies of Functioning:
These are used to provide services or to remember the settings to improve the visit to and the user’s experience of the website. They allow the user to navigate by selecting from a series of criteria.
We use cookies of functioning for:
Allowing a navigation by criteria selection
For the installation of such cookies, it is not necessary to request the user’s consent beforehand.
Here is a list of such cookies.
Cookie-policy 90 days . This cookie is used to archive the acceptance of the use of cookies for the user who has given consent to them.
(c) Cookie Analysis.
These are assimilated to the technical cookies which are used directly by the owners of the website to gather information, in an aggregated form, on the number of users and on how they visit the site.
Such cookies gather information on how a website is used and lets the website owner know his customers better and so the functioning of the website can be improved (e.g. the pages visited, the errors that may have been found, the calculation of users that use the services as a way of ensuring the necessary ability for a quick navigation. These cookies are managed for us by a Third party (e.g. by name of Google Analytics). For the management of the user’s consent for their use we send this to the cookie section of the Third Party.
We use cookie analysis for collecting statistics on how our website is used, for improving the site, for considering possible errors that have been identified.
For the installation of such cookies, it is not necessary to get the user’s consent beforehand.
The list of such cookies is made in the section “Cookies of a Third Party”.
Cookies of a third party.
These are linked to the services supplied by a third party. The user has to connect the site to the agencies that are the intermediary between us and the third parties.
We use cookies of a third party for :
Conducting research and analysis in order to improve the contents.
Here is a list of cookies
Name/Cookie/Deadline/Function URLSITO to the site of the third party.
For all the following cookies you can find out more information at on the collection and use of data: For a wider view of the handling of privacy by Google, visit this page:
To disactivate Google Analytics visit this page:
_tma 2 anni . This cookie is used to calculate the number of visitors to our site and is linked to every viewing of the page. The content is a numerical hash in the form of 6 groups of numbers separated by dots; the first 2 are of varying length, the other 3 are usually of 10 numbers and the last one is variable.
_utmb 30 minuti . This cookie is used to establish and to continue a user’s session on the site. It only exists and is active during a visit , or a session. It contains the timestamp of the entry moment on the site.
_utmc Fine della session del browser. This cookie is no longer used with a tracing code ga.js to determine the state of the session. Historically, this cookie worked in conjunction with the cookie _utmb to establish whether to activate a new session for the user or not. It is still in use for retrospective compatibility.
_utmt 10 min. This cookie was created by Google Analytics and is used under the control of the requests by the system and also to limit the collection of data on sites with heavy traffic.
_utm2 6 mesi. This cookie archives the type of reference used by the visitor to reach the site, either in a direct way by a search engine or by a publicity campaign like an advert or an email link. It’s used to calculate the traffic of the search engine, the publicity campaigns, and the navigation of the site internally.
_ga 2 anni. This cookie is used to distinguish the users.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE7 mesi and GEUP 2 anni and YSC Sessione. These are used for the viewing of some videos. They let you use the services of YouTube as you need for the function of video seen by the users of the site. At the rules of youtube privacy are explained on the page ‘Guidance on the privacy of Youtube.

Section on Cookie Settings.
With reference to Third party cookies.
All these (Analytics included) are linked to the services provided by Third parties. So, the links to the web pages of the site of the Third party mean that you can find the modules for the gaining of agreement for cookies and their related information. html. page/gaoptout
Browser settings: How I can control cookies.
The section in the Browser guide of the user should be able to help the management of cookie settings. If you don’t want to receive cookies, you can modify the browser so as to be informed when they are being sent. You can also eliminate cookies at any time that have already been memorized, through the Browser settings.
INTERNET EXPLORER: http://windows

You can find out more information about cookies at

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