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On this page the way the site is organized is described in terms of the personal data of the users who consult it.
The owner of the service is: Michelangelo Di Mauro (the founder and owner of the site). Data referring to people identified or identifiable can be handled following a visit to the site.
Location of the service: the dealings connected to web services of this site are based at the aforementioned address and are only looked after by the Office technician who has the responsibility for dealing with them or other people who have been given the job of maintenance of occasional operations. No personal data deriving from the service will be spread or communicated.
Personal data supplied by customers that request the sending of information are only used for the carrying out of this service or other requests.
Types of data treated:
Data of Navigation. Information systems and the software procedures proposed for the functioning of this website acquire, in the normal course of things, some personal data, whose transmission is implicit in the internet communication protocols. It concerns information that is not gathered in order to be associated with identified interests ,but which, in its own nature, could permit the user’s identification, through elaboration and association held by third parties.
The site uses the hosting service offered by Aruba spa which aims to create web space for blogs or websites. To consult the privacy policy of Aruba, go to
The website has been made and updated through CMS WordPress. More information related to this can be found on the following link:
Voluntary supply of user’s data: the optional, voluntary, and explicit sending of emails to addresses posted on this site assumes the successive acquisition of the sender’s address as well as other further data inserted in the communication, in order to respond to the requests. Specific information of the organization will be regularly reported or visible on site pages given over to this particular service request.
Cookies: No personal user’s data can be acquired from the site. Cookies are not used for the transmission of information about personal characters. Persistent c.d.cookies of any type are not used and the same goes for systems of user tracking. The use of c.d.cookies of session, which are not memorized by the computer in a persistent way and will vanish with the closing of the browser, are strictly limited to the identified things of the session. The c.d.cookies of session used on this site avoid the need for other informatics techniques which are potentially prejudicial to the privacy of the user’s navigation and they do not allow the acquisition of the user’s personal data.
Options of data contribution: Apart from what is specified for the data of navigation, the user is free to supply personal data reported in the request forms or indicated in the Contacts section asking for the sending of information. The lack of their contribution could prevent requests being responded to.
How the service works: Personal data are treated with automatic tools which are strictly necessary to fulfil the objective of being gathered. Specific security measures have been taken to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect use, or unauthorized access. To create the site the following services have been used:
Contact form data: Surname and email address, interaction with social networks and external platforms – clicking’Like’ and social widgets of Facebook and pressing ‘Tweet’ and social widgets of
Data: Cookies and data of usage.
Statistics: Google Analytics data : Cookies and data of usage.

Owner of the Service: Michelangelo Di Mauro. Contact him on info@le

Big Masks.
During my Garganic walks  I often felt as if I was being watched. In dry walls, in the earth, invisible faces had been concealed that blended perfectly with their natural surroundings. These images embedded in my 6th sense.
Having been gathered by me and arranged in a beautiful position, they make up a multitude of big masks, shy eyes, and gargoyles that enliven and keep an eye on my exhibition room at Carpino (FG).
Contact me if you would like to see them.
I Rucioli and la Papalla.
I have been observing, collecting, and caring for the big round stones called “I Rucioli” for over 50 years. In English, they could even be known as ‘rolling stones’!. In Carpino dialect “arruc’là’ means rolling as they are round. At Carpino, these stones, these ‘rucioli’, of mysterious origin, perfectly spherical, leave you amazed. Inside them, you may see flint, another ‘ruciolo’, or even some white dust similar to chalk , which according to some old people’s testimony has healing properties for cut skin. Some assert that they have been formed by the rolling effect of stones being dragged by the water current along the valleys. Others believe that they were formed by the physical effect of little chipped rocks being decanted into a sea of mixed magma from a volcanic eruption.
But the most plausible theory is that, as the Gargano was formed by sedimentary rock and not by volcanic rock , its formation originated from compressed geological strata of marine sediments. The stones rolled along the valley just like a snow ball rolls down a snow slope. Little by little, the stones were covered by matter from the valley which both blocked them, imprisoned and petrified them. Spherical, oblong, double, teardrop, and lens-like shapes all perfectly derive from them.
The Gargano is the only place in the world where a significant number of these stones can be found. Often, you can find ‘double stones’ stuck together like Siamese twins or similar to the caciocavallo cheese. And for those like me who can remember the old Carosello television, I have baptized them with the name of “PAPALLA” because they have the shape of a double ball.
By contacting me, you can admire them in various displays in my exhibition room at Carpino (FG).
The Insertions.
These could be defined in English as ‘stones in stone’.It’s the effect of a stone being formed and inserted by nature in other rock. Flints fuse with other flints, rocks get stuck to other rocks, precious deposits of calcium carbonate cast a halo of mysterious light as to their origins. In this way, the “ The Gargano Rose” and “The Gargano Snow” have been made. They are carbonic formations of first a red colour and then a white one.
If you contact me, you can see these stones on display in my exhibition room at Carpino (Fg).
The Fantastic!
These stones create imaginary shapes that stimulate your imagination. My eagle eye chose them during my Garganic walks because they seemed to call out to me as I was walking. You can make of them what you want. You can even see yourselves in them.
To admire them, contact me, and you can come to see them in my exhibition room at Carpino(FG).

The Gargano Venere.
This is the greatest piece in the collection. To find 2 stones like these and to put them together is already something difficult to achieve and it is at the same time fortunate. Shapes and likenesses are unrepeatable but absolutely natural. You can’t find others that are the same. The head is covered by long, thick hair and the face expresses a mysterious, natural smile.
The body is open to interpretation – are those protuberances breasts or are they the outlines of the arms? At the base it’s difficult to know. In this way,, the Gargano Venere was created.
Come to see it in my exhibition room at Carpino (Fg). Contact me.
The Exhibition Room.
This is the place where you will find a worthwhile collection of all the marvelous stones that have been gathered together by me in the Gargano during my lifetime. At times they have been made more precious and valuable by the magic touch of my wife, Silvana. Seeing as I had to organize the collection properly, I decided to transform a room in my house at Carpino (FG) into an exhibition room. Here, if you contact beforehand, you can visit the collection and have the benefit of a guided tour of the ‘other Gargano’ in the quest for other places to find and see stones.
The exhibition room has been designed and created by my friend, Vladimiro Marrama, an Abruzzese artist, who is also interested in stones.
Other friends who have believed in this project have been a real help to me and they are thanked on the Home page.
Stone Caciocavalli cheeses.
In memory of Antonio Facenna who disappeared tragically in the flood on the Carpino plain on 04/09/2014.

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