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Interview with Michelangelo Di Mauro
Carpino 17/08/2015.



Opening Ceremony for the Exhibition Room for
“The Gargano Stones”
held on Saturday,the 14th of June 2014.

On Saturday, the 14th of June 2014 at 11.30a.m., the official opening ceremony was held at number 19, Via Mentana in Carpino (Fg) for my exhibition On this occasion, I explained the motives that drove me to create it – my own origins, and the love for this land passed on to me by my parents and by my uncles and aunts. In particular, I learned from Francesco Di Cosmo, whose interest in stones included the history of the planet to which I am especially attached to and a part of. After reading some of the poetry I had written in my twenties, I think I expressed to those present my feeling for and interest in these places that derive from such ancient origins.
I also explained the symbolism of the design of the Visitor’s card to the Exhibition Room, created by my wife, Silvana, and whose symbol can give an added value to the Comune of Carpino.
I thank all those who have honoured me with their presence on this occasion and in particular, the Mayor of Carpino, Rocco Manzo; the president of the local tourist office, Michele Simone; Dr.Paola Niro, President of the Association “TEXTILE ART” and her weavers; the owners of the organic business, “BIORUSSI of Carpino; Dr.Giuseppe D’Orio, author of a book about the history, traditions, and dialect of Carpino; Signore Giuseppe, the curator of the photographic exhibition of the film “La Legge” which was shot at Carpino in 1959 with M.Mastroianni, G.Lollobrigida; P.Stoppa; Y.Montand and M.Mercoury. This exhibition was held at his bar in Piazza del Popolo; Signore Michele Basanisi for his moral and physical support in the creation of the Exhibition room.
I also thank Prof.Leonarda Crisetti, author of various books on the lagoon of Varano and its area and Dr. Domenico Sergio Antonacci, creator and curator of the interactive blog who has sent me his best wishes but who could not be there in person.
I thank my webmaster, Carlo Giancristofaro, who has taken the photos and the films for this event; Maestro Pasquale Corsi who has played the music of Bach on an electric pianoforte as background music and who with Giuliano Angelozzi on oboe, played to all the guests present, the theme “Gabriel’s oboe” from the film ‘Mission’, as a closing gesture.

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